Frequently Asked Questions

What is this COVID Mobility Race?
COVID Mobility Race is an equivalent of a hackathon which is a focused 48hours nonstop event where you and a small team get to build something new and exciting, alongside a whole bunch of like-minded people. This time, it is goning to be completely online.

What does it mean to be online?
All you need to participate in the Race is a computer with an internet connection, a tablet or a mobile phone. Everything will be solved via InnoPower platform, this website, Slack, Zoom, Facebook or Youtube. All communication will run online, you don’t have to be in any particular place.

How is the Race beginning and end going to be organized?
The opening and closing ceremonies will be streamed online, you will find out the details before the Race starts.

Who organizes COVID Mobility Race?
#CMR 2020 is organized by Insane Business Ideas s.r.o. (CEE Hacks) & ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab s.r.o. with the support of other partners.

Can I attend?
If you’re 15 or over and can be connected to internet, you’re welcome to apply.

Which challenges can I pick?
You can choose any challenge listed on our website, until the start of the Race on June 4th. After this date, the call can no longer be changed except in justified cases and with the consent of the organizers.

Do I have to build something at the Race?
It depends if you are applying as a Race participant or a company with an existing product.
1) I am a Race participant
Yes, you are expected to create a prototype of your solution. This means a working piece of hardware, software or a mockup at least. You must write your code and build your prototype during the Race. However, the use of public APIs is allowed but must be mentioned in your final DEMO presentation.
2) I am a company (startup) with an existing product or service.
You can adjust your existing product so it is a better fit for the challenges. It is recommened as the Race is a competition but not obligatory so you can only apply and then have a prezentation with your existing product / service.

Do I need a Computer Science or other programming-related degree to take part?
No — we welcome everyone to apply whatever your subject, university or business! Interest in Design, Engineering, Big Data and Technology is appreciated and will come in handy.

Does it cost money?
No, participation is completely free and if you win, you can enjoy a nice reward.

Should I apply as an individual or in a team?
It is up to you. If you apply as an individual, we will help you form a team with other participants during the #CMR2020 via Slack channel.

How do teams work?
You can have a team of 2-5 members. When you submit your application, you’ll be asked to form the team if you have one. Otherwise, you will find your team members after the Opening ceremony.

When will I find out whether I have a ticket for this Race?
We will be sending out e-mail invitations with Slack channel link and other instructions as soon as we can.

What data will be available for my hack (solution)?
There will be plenty of partner data available and will be presented just before or at the Race.

What are the prizes for COVID Mobility Race 2020?
1st Prize: project support of 100.000 CZK (ca 4.000 €)

… other partner prizes will be announced closer to the Race.

Will teams have the right to keep the intellectual property rights of their idea?
Yes, all teams get to keep their intellectual property rights. By taking part, they only grant the organizers as well as their partners a license to use the idea.

Who are the judges and what are the criteria used by the judges in evaluating each project?
Winners are chosen by industry experts and our partners. Judges will evaluate each project based on the level of innovation, business potential as well as contribution to fighting the consequences of COVID 19, and level of the technical solution.

How much time will we have for a pitch?
There will be no pitch. You will submit your hack (solution) into InnoPower platform. You will be required to post a text description, links of your code (GitHub) and send a Youtube video describing your product and showing the DEMO – It can be upto 2 minutes long.

What will happen with my idea after the Race?
Organizers and partners will help selected ideas come to life, ideally in collaboration with the participating team.

For more information, reach out to us by sending an e-mail to .